Hair extension is commonly known as artificial hair integration or hair weaves in which one can add new volume to the hair. It can be done by using clip, glue or sewn on natural hair by adding Human hair .The extension can be put by using different method.

Different Method of hair extension:-

There are different methods you can use to attach hair extension like clip-in, tape-in, weaves, pre-bonded, fusion etc.

Tape-in hair extension:-This style of extension is last from four to eight week and you can gently comb and wash your hair while wearing the extension. The extension needed to be carrying carefully and make sure that you are using specialized shampoo; conditioner or styling product to keep them in good condition. It can be easily taken off by applying glue remover.

Clip-in hair extension:-This style of extension is a great way to give your hair extra length and volume. For clip the hair extension there is a trick to applying them, if you do not apply in a right way the result could look unnatural. Clip-in hair extension is available in market in different quality at different cost you can buy according to your hair color and texture. The clip in hair extension is commonly available at the store or online as well; it comes in as a long strand of one contoured piece which can be cut into multiple layers for creating separate layer before applying on user’s hair. This method of hair extension is least permanent and lacks the disadvantage from hair loss.

Fusion hair extension:-This is the most popular method of hair extension attachment. Most of the client loves fusion because it looks natural and long lasting. It is available in pack of 20 strands each. And this method is involves a machine similar to a hot glue gun that is used to attach human hair extension to ones natural hair in which strands has a small, flat, square  shape that holds the individuals hairs together. For this method a heat clamp is used to melt the adhesive to attach the hair extension to the natural hair. By using fusion extension you can frequently wash your hair or use prescribed hair products. It is time consuming method which take 3 to more hours and need to visit the centre for repositioning on every 2-3 month as the natural hairs grows.

Bonding hair extension:-Bonding is a method of weaving which involves the application of hair glue to a sectioned of wafted hair on a individuals natural hair in which while bonding special hair adhesives are used to prevent individuals damaged hair. This technique does not cause damage to the hair unless individual can take out without proper direction. And there are two type of bonding method which is soft bond and hard bond .In soft bond it is more comfortable and flexible to wear and it is made by using latex adhesive for bonding with natural hairs. Hard bond is long lasting than soft bond and it is also not comfortable to wear. These bond attachments are long last 3-4 weeks.

Guideline for Post Hair extension

There are different method of hair extension with different ways of bonding through the use of coils, glue and clips. They are made up of different certain chemicals .So in case individuals are allergic to any kind of chemicals you should have word before with your stylist about this, so that you do not cause any  allergic reaction after the hair extension are done. You can also switch to hair extension services with trusted professionals. But make sure it must have fine sheen and smooth texture as well as composed of high-grade materials to ensure that they don’t detach from head. So get comfortable .tie your hair back, and let’s get treated with hair loss problem.